San Bernardino Process Servers Benefit From New Industry Campaign

Process servers play an integral role in the justice system as the specialists who serve legal documents to inform a party that they are part of a court action. The delivery of papers frequently brings psychologically charged scenarios that from time to time end in violence.

As process server attack comes to be an expanding concern in the sector, a number of other organizations have developed a process server security campaign called PAAPRS, that focuses on raising awareness about safety concerns along with providing security tips and a place for process servers to document violent events.

PAAPRS, which stands for ‘Promoting Assault Awareness and Protective Regulations for Servers’, is an initiative focused on raising understanding about process server attacks and promoting regulations and law modifications that further safeguard process servers. Association leaders and members of the occupation have long complained that assaults are not being documented or getting the media attention they are entitled to. PAAPRS plans to take on that concern by supplying national promotion of occurrences as well as becoming a resource for process servers to obtain education and share their experiences.

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Join The Fight Against San Bernardino Process Server Violence

The campaign intends to help process servers in remaining safe, sharing their stories, and bringing understanding to the concealed threats of serving legal documents through the implementation of an interactive map, detailed write-ups, videos, and other details. Promoted by several process server associations and developed with the input of members of the occupation, PAAPRS aims to support the industry however it can. Show your support for San Bernardino process server security by embedding the PAAPRS badge, displayed to the right, on your web site.

While some associations have worked toward making attacks against a process server a felony, others have held attack avoidance and security workshops. Part of the PAAPRS initiative is to raise understanding on process server assault around the nation, and consists of an aesthetic display of attacks that have made the news or events that have actually been submitted by individual process servers. If you have an attack you would like to submit, fill out the contact form to the right of the map and they’ll feature it.

Every process server who is assaulted should make a formal report of the event– even if they select not to press charges against attackers. Formal incident reports are long-term records and are important in showing that this is a growing issue around the business.

Additionally, if your state association or lawmakers are pushing for stricter attack laws in concerns to service of process, these reports could function as crucial information to get those alterations finalized. If you are assaulted, make sure you speak to the local authorities and discuss appropriately reporting the occurrence.

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